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CU Direct Connect (CUDC) offers products and services designed to support a credit union's indirect lending needs. As a credit union service organization (CUSO), CUDC provides state-of-the-art lending technology which allows our partners to offer competitive auto loans directly to consumers.

CUDC credit unions utilize our custom platform and other third party tools to share information and interact directly with dealers. This allows our participating credit unions to truly manage their own indirect lending program. Most importantly, joining CUDC will place credit unions right where their members seek auto financing, at the dealership!

CUDC provides consumers the information and resources needed to find and purchase or lease a vehicle through our program. Our 40+ participating credit unions and 1000+ car dealer partners are a testament to the quality of the CUDC program.

"CU Direct Connect’s indirect lending program is an extremely important component of our overall lending strategy. We have had tremendous success over the years in terms of putting a significant amount of high quality loans on our books through this program. Being part of CU Direct Connect’s indirect lending program is like having 400 lending centers throughout the state."

-John Ruby, Sr. Vice President of Lending, Bellco Credit Union