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Give your lending a lift

Where we started

CU Direct Connect was founded in 2002 by Colorado credit unions to provide a cutting-edge vehicle lending origination platform and indirect lending program for credit unions and auto dealers. After growing to partner with over 40 credit unions and thousands of auto dealers, CU Direct Connect became part of CU Direct in 2019. Known for the CUDL Indirect Lending Platform, CU Direct connects to over 1,100 credit union lenders and a nationwide auto dealers network of 15,000 dealers. 

Today, we have a vision to be the equalizing force in lending.

We see a world in which no lender loses business or opportunities because they simply don’t have access to the right resources. In this world, processes are optimized, expertise is easy to come by, and teams enjoy all the support they need. With the full range of outsourced lending solutions we offer, that’s the world we are helping to create together with our clients.

CUDC’s outsourced solutions include indirect lending solutions, full-service loan underwriting, processing and funding, document processing automation, and call center services. No matter what level of support we’re providing, we work to our clients’ individual specifications and adapt to their needs.

We’re on a mission to provide lenders with workforce solutions powered by superior technology and deep industry expertise—solutions that enable them to optimize lending operations, seize new opportunities and swiftly respond to shifting market dynamics.

The time to connect with your future is now.

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